Not all marketers are concerned with results. Here are some of their best-kept secrets...

Most of the folks we have worked with are surprised at that, because they’re used to digital marketing people who do everything from far away (if not another country) and rarely get in touch except to collect payment.

Some call our process old school, but we call it customer service: we come out to you, meet your staff, take photos and videos to promote your business, review and redesign your materials if needed, work to understand your sales strategy and where your customers come from.

In other words, we work with you to figure out what you really need.

We don’t schedule social media posts from the beach. Saltwater isn’t good for laptops, anyway.

No, we get in and learn everything we can about your organization so we can provide you incredible value – top-notch strategic consulting fused with marketing deliverables such as engaging video content, stunning branding, well-designed print materials, and more.

We become your partner in growth, and that’s what we love doing.


• Digital marketing content & strategy

• Media production (video, photo, etc)

• Graphic design (print & digital)

• Web design & SEO

• Sales strategy & lead generation

• Strategic business consulting


• Large & midsize manufacturers

• Contractors

• Service companies

• Non-profit organizations

• State governments

• Political campaigns

Stories That Sell

Great content is profitable, and great marketing is the art of creating great content. But what IS content? 

In the video to the right, we partially answer that question: content is a message. Okay, you might say – so what’s the message?

If we dive deeper, we see that stories are what sell. So the message in your content is a story. Stories about how you started your business. Stories about why you started your business. Stories about what you do that is unique and special.

Jesus taught in parables, and most of the greatest teachers who have ever lived recognized the value of using narratives to drive home important concepts. Why would it be any different for your business?

We create stories that sell. If that helps you understand what we do, we’re fine with that definition.

Most marketers have abandoned true creativity in favor of toeing the party line of wokism. Not us.


Many marketers want to use your company’s marketing budget to push a political agenda. Not us.

Our clients are more interested in producing high quality products and services and less in virtue-signaling. They make things, get their hands dirty, create value for others. They don’t have time for political posturing or sparkling corporate statements promoting fake inclusiveness. They’re interested in results.

So are we.

We’re based in Houston, not San Francisco or Portland. We’re diverse, but not woke. We’re open-minded, but principled. We don’t mock those who go to religious services, we don’t laugh at families with lots of kids, we don’t sneer at those who went to state schools (or no university at all).

Most people believe that freedom is better than totalitarianism, and that it’s good for business people to make a profit and create jobs

So do we.

If that sounds like you, then you might find that we have something in common.

It’s just who we are – and when combined with our creative and strategic talents, gives us a massive advantage in a world full to overflowing with woke advertising and marketing agencies. 

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